Become a Model

Chic Management Brisbane is always on the lookout for the stars of tomorrow. We scout for talent worldwide through our site and locally with various programs such as the Girlfriend Model Search. Chic Management Brisbane is renowned globally for discovering and launching the careers of some of the world’s leading models such as Abbey Lee Kershaw, Montana Cox, Catherine McNeil, Alyssa Sutherland and many more. We welcome email submissions.

We welcome email submissions, too. Please send:

  • A clear, simple portrait photo in jpeg format as an attachment (Please note if filters are used in any images, your application will be disregarded).
  • Your name, date of birth and contact phone number.
  • Your measurements (height, bust, waist and hips)
  • A statement from your parents giving you approval to submit pictures if you’re under 14.

We need all the above to process your submission. We’ll review every complete submission. The huge number of submissions we receive daily from all parts of the world makes it impossible for us to reply to all emails. We endeavour to reply within 7 days if we think you have the potential to have a career in modelling.

Send your email to [email protected] or click the button below – but remember, if your submission is incomplete, we won’t be able to process it.


We want to make you aware of “scams” relating to model searches on Instant Messenger, social websites or other electronic means of communication informing you that they are legitimate staff of Chic Management Brisbane or any other reputable model agency. They often ask you for pictures, measurements and even to contact them via Live Web Cam (which should ring alarm bells). They may send you links of legitimate model agencies. We highly recommend that you avoid contacting these people. You can report their activities to the Federal Police.

Be warned – Chic Management Brisbane is not on SKYPE
Be also aware that listing your details (including your email address) on some casting websites can be dangerous, there are a lot of scams and offers. We recommend you stay away from these scams. Again you can make the authorities aware of such scams by supplying them all the information.
We would like to warn people against so called model searches where you are asked to pay extravagant fees to enter. They will often offer some “lessons” and a chance to meet “agents” from around the world. Do not be fooled by them. They are only concerned about how much they will make, rather than launch your career. Simply remember that legitimate model searches do not ask for such fees.